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Are you prepared for the daily risks your business faces?

Did you know…
  …the average worker’s compensation liability lawsuit settlement is $21,800 with many settlements reaching over $1 million?
   …according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 8,000 American employees are injured on the job every day, and many of whom aren’t authorized to be in the area in which they are injured? 
   …in the United States, employee theft costs businesses approximately $50 billion each year and small and medium-sized businesses account for an estimated 68% of employee theft cases? 
   …lost work due to a lack of productivity is estimated to cost American businesses in excess of $650 billion each year?

From liability threats to the safety and security of employees and resources, businesses today face more risks than ever before. Having the right security and access systems in place can save businesses thousands of dollars if they experience even just one incident. Worksite Tech’s Security and Access Services help businesses AVOID RISK and DELIVER VALUE to personas throughout companies.

  • Worksite Tech’s four merged companies have over 20 years of experience in delivering business and worksite security, access control, and time & attendance services. 
  • Worksite Tech guarantees to offer its Security and Access Services at least 10% less than any comparable quote for an access control system.
  • With 19 add-on modules, Worksite Tech’s Averics software allows users to customize a security and access control system that best fits their needs.

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Full Range of Access and Security Services

Worksite Tech provides a full range of security and access services, including:

  • Worksite Tech Security and Access Services system installations
  • Averics software installations and trainings
  • Complimentary installation site assessments and access control system consultations
  • Live demos of Averics software capabilities and special features

"Worksite Tech’s Averics software has been great for us at International Paper. It's extremely easy to use and has allowed us to more accurately track time and attendance on our worksite. We also have enjoyed working with the Worksite Tech team. They were a lifesaver when we were confronted with the threat of COVID-19 on our worksite--we reached out to the Worksite Tech team to troubleshoot our issues and they helped us address them immediately."

~Nicholas, International Paper

Our Clients

Worksite Tech has provided services for a diverse group of clients across the country.

To request a demo of Worksite Tech’s Averics software, speak with a Worksite Tech representative, or receive a quote for an installation, email Mark Sanders at or call (706) 369-7427.

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